DIY. Design ideas for your home with pallets

DIY. Design ideas for your home with pallets



Sometimes, for an interesting decorative solutions we use things not for their intended purpose. In this article, example of such a thing – pallet. Below are the options for using the pallet as an interior element in your home.


DIY-midcentury-living-room-coffee-table-pallet-ideas                                                                            by Nicole Crowder Photography

DIY-idea-coffee-table-pallet-for-transitional-family-room       designed by Le Blanc Home Staging & Relooking

DIY-idea-coffee-table-pallet-for-family-room designed by de l’intérieur

 DIY-transitional-living-room-idea-coffee-table-palletdesigned by Studio Morton



      • great idea for living room – pallet couch with coffee table

DIY-living-room-bed-palletdesigned by Sarah Phipps Design

      • idea for bedroom – pallet bed

DIY-bedroom-idea-bed-palletdesigned by Le Blanc Home Staging & Relooking


      • idea for big family room – pallet space

DIY-industrial-family-room-with-big-bed-palletdesigned by Regine Villedieu Immobilier



      • ideas for bookshelves in kids room
DIY-ideas-for-kids-room-wall-shelf-eclectic-kidsdesigned by The Painted Home DIY-ideas-for-kids-room-wall-shelf-traditional-roomdesigned by Atlanta Design Works
      • shelves for kitchen and home office
DIY-idea-shelf-palletdesigned by The Painted Home DIY-ideas-shelf-for-kitchen-with-palletsdesigned by Shawn Michael Design


      • shelf in living room

DIY-family-room-wall-shelf-pallet-ideadesigned by Avenue B Development


      • nightstand and wine shelf
DIY-nightstand-palletdesigned by Dreamy Whites DIY-wine-cellar-pallet-shelf-for-wine-bottles by RVGP Photo+Graphics



DIY-wall-decorating-idea-pallet-raditional-hall by Gala Venus

DIY-ideas-wall-decorating-photos-in-palletby Sarah Greenman



DIY-idea-garden-table-palletby The Tiny Tack House

DIY-ideas-flower-walls-for-patiodesigned by MTLA- Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture

DIY-farmhouse-garden-swing-pallet-idea by RedAgape Blog

  1. Winepine says:

    Love the pallet crafts! They add a nice shabby-chic/rustic accent to the modern décor. Have you ever tried doing some of these projects with wooden wine crates? They make for great shelving and kitchen storage.