20 Nail Art Ideas for New Year Night

20 Nail Art Ideas for New Year Night

Manicure it’s part of our image. Now rarely can meet a girl who would not be interested in the topic of manicure. This is not surprising, because the manufacturers offer us every day more and more coverage options and nails art decorations!
Due to such a large selection, each girl can choose the best propositions for nails! In this post, I offer several options nails art for New Year’s Night!

  • it can be image snows on nails

new-year-nail-art-design 5


new-year-nail-art-design 8


new-year-nail-art-design 9


new-year-nail-art-design 7

 source 1,2,3,4

  •  gift style

new-year-nail-art-design 14


new-year-nail-art-design 6


new-year-nail-art-design 12


new-year-nail-art-design 20

 source 1,2,3,4

  •  winter images and ornaments

new-year-nail-art-design 4


new-year-nail-art-design 15


new-year-nail-art-design 23


new-year-nail-art-design 19


new-year-nail-art-design 13

 source 1,2,3,4,5

  • patterns, glitter, colors combination, nude&shine

new-year-nail-art-design 1


new-year-nail-art-design 2


new-year-nail-art-design 11


new-year-nail-art-design 16


new-year-nail-art-design 10


new-year-nail-art-design 18


new-year-nail-art-design 3


new-year-nail-art-design 17


new-year-nail-art-design 21


new-year-nail-art-design 22

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